Sleepwalk was an album composed of various work I wrote and recorded largely during highschool… Released in 07, the album was recorded at Macklemore’s house and engineered by Mack himself. It’s never easy recording an album (especially independently) but Sleepwalk marked my first major accomplishment as an independent recording artist. It was my introduction to the local game. Much of the content reflected a lot of the personal growing pains i was experiencing at the time. I was young when i wrote and laid this shit down on wax but the album was and still is strong enough to compete with the older cats. Although i’ve grown past and expanded beyond the sound and content, it is still a classic album that i stand by today (over 3 years later)… Peep “Soully”… It’s still one of my most popular tracks. The whole album is available on iTunes and just about every other online distribution site.

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