What Was Lost

Completing this album has been a real test of character. I’ve never felt so close to dying. It has been the struggle of my life trying to put this record out. It is dropping Fri Feb 4th 2011. I think people from all walks of life will relate to the heart felt depth of this album and will hopefully be able to sympathize with the struggle it comes from.


Trying to make an expensive album from scratch… As if it wasn’t hard enough recording it the first time… the album was lost when the studio i was recording at got broken into and all the equipment including my album masters were stolen. Although there are a lot of new songs this album has a lot of songs that i rerecorded after the orginals were stolen (although most of the rerecordings were rewritten and changed). Hence the name “What Was Lost”.


This album was largely produced by Bean One of Dyme Def and was originally financed by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. It features other producers such as Captain Midnite, Jester and Nick Rapp. Also, maybe not an official producer but an extremely important contributor to this record is Teal Douville the engineer. Teal was a key player in the creation of this album… Everything from the mix to the instrumentation…

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