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The Ceiling Music Video

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It seems like it’s about time I bring you guys a new a video. I present to you THE CEILING. Come ride around with me and get a glimpse into my life as I travel up and down the coast on the pursuit of happiness.

The song features Tacoma Washington’s very own Leezy Soprano. A very talented artist on the rise. The video was shot by the young and talented Enzo Bourgette and Riley Robbins and was edited by Jack B.  My dude Delvaughn “Delli” Tinned made the beat.



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Just dropped the official video for Backseat (New Ride). Starring Stephanie Gerard, directed by Harry Clean (Detooz Films). Captain Midnite on tha beat. Shout out to Slim Green, Paycheck, Mr. McStrange, Frank Evanisko and all the other homies who helped…



Hop On The Ride Official Video

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Just dropped my brand new video for Hop On The Ride. Check it out and spread the word!!

Shout out to Harry Clean, Ricky, Ari and all of Detooz Films for this one. Haha shout out to Dom, Tony and Kolby for throwing the party and shout out to all my boys for flying out and kickin it tough with me.  We got thrown out and banned from a notable hotel while shooting it. Went from a suite in vegas to sleeping in a car in the motel 6 parking lot… Haha still got it poppin tho. Enjoy!


Pass You By “Official Music Video”

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One of my favorite videos i’ve done so far. For whatever reason boxing was never a part of my life that i intended to bring to light…  glad i took the risk and got this shit poppin!

Directed and shot by Jon Jon with additional footage by Mike Folden. Shout out to both of them for such an exceptional job. The video also features Manuel Dunham of Bumblebee Boxing Gym… shout out to Manny! Haha also big shout out to Mike Murray for holdin mits for me!


Scribes – Roll My Way Video

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Shot by Jon Jon in the summer of 2010 this is my first music video. Hella cameos from friends and family. Haha kickin it gettin faded in the summertime. Big shout out to Jon Jon!


Music Video for SCRIBES “Roll My Way”
Director/Editor: Jon Augustavo
DP: Phil Conover
Produced By: Nick Rapp & Teal Douville
Performed By: Scribes
With Appearances By: Louise Green, Abdul Warsme, Havi Blaze & Isadora Freeman


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