206 Stand Up

206 Stand Up was an important part of my development as an artist and as a business person. 206 Stand Up was a show that I independently organized and co headlined under acts such as Macklemore, Zumbi of Zion i and Dyme Def and that featured a line up of different local openers such as SOL, KnowMads, Language Arts, Phil Harmonic, GMK, BYC, Chev, Khingz and others . Ironically, the combination of me and the openers was what made these shows successful. I threw 3 206 Stand Up Show at The Vera Project between Oct 07 and May 08… each show drew huge numbers of all ages fans. Much of the driving force behind the shows was the street level promotion and hustle the events were built on. I developed skills as a hustler, a show promoter, business man, networker, and live performer among other things. The success of the 206 shows helped me realize my power as an independent business person and gave me the confidence to network and function as a professional in the local music scene. These shows helped me develop skills for success that are potentially applicable to any other industry or business in the world.

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